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Sensory Deprivation
Interview Page

E-zines, like print magazines, frequently include interviews. Here's an example of one of the question-and-answer formats I might use for interviews.

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Paul Tucker. Inspiration for the clinically insane everywhere.

An Interview with Paul Tucker, a performance artist who lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Question: So what does your latest piece involve?

Paul: Essentially, I put my hands into hollowed-out cabbages and pummel passers-by.

Q: What underlying themes are you exploring in this work?

Paul: Well, I always prefer to leave it open to interpretation. For me, the people I assault represent the regrets of my past, whilst the cabbages symbolise my inability to deal with emotion. I think we are all a little 'cabbaged-in,' deep down.

Q: How do you get your teeth as white as your hair?

Paul: It's an old family recipe. I grind down the bones of small children and apply the paste before going to bed at night. Old granny Tucker used to go through a primary school classroom a week. I tell ya, when she spun around, ships knew they were getting too close to shore.