Sensory Deprivation
Contestants wanted!


The latest game show sensation is here!
If you thought reality tv couldn't get any more real, and that game shows had reached their sexual peak, you were wrong! Exploitative Sleaze Productions and Channel 9 are proud to present their latest amoral, quasi-pornographic sensation...
Let's Pick Up High School Girls!

Let's Pick Up High School Girls! pits desire against morality in a fast-paced, action-packed showdown! Each week, one lucky contestant will have the opportunity to go one-on-one with a real high school girl. Can he overcome her fickle adolescent whim, her protective parents, and various state and federal laws and succeed in picking up that juicy jailbait?


Have you got what it takes? Send your details, along with a photo and a thousand word essay discussing your penis size in relation to third world debt to PO Box 69 in your capital city. Good luck!

Plus, watch out for Celebrity Let's Pick Up High School Girls, featuring special guest stars Roman Polanski and Australia's own Nikki Webster.

All high school girls aged over 21. They just haven't graduated yet.