Sensory Deprivation
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Who are these monkeys?

Since founding Sensory Deprivation, Andrew Stent has moved onto greater things, but he still finds time to drop in and belittle us every now and then. At an early age Andrew recognised the truth in the phrase "two heads are better than one", and underwent experimental surgery to attach a goat's head to his left shoulder. With this dream fulfilled, Andrew was free to pursue other goals, such as setting up a welfare centre for disadvantaged rocking chairs, and punching Ray Martin in the kidneys.


A toothy American with the gift of the gab, Tim Howard has provided counsel and inspiration to thousands of people around the globe, with his thrilling infomercials running constantly during the peak ratings period of 11pm to 4am. Tim says anyone with a dream can make it come true and would very much like to see you all at his new seminar, More Power To Ya Through Hypnotic Mind Control where he'll be showing off his fantastic new dental work.




Former lead singer of lesbian thrash metal band Dykonoclasm, Jon Buckingham recently retired to his rural property where he plans to complete his long-awaited horror thriller It Came From the Lava With a Hot Cup O' Java. In his spare time, JB enjoys driving monster trucks through endangered wetlands and sometimes, when the night is still and there is magic in the air, Jon wishes he could fly.